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Welcome to Small Fry!!

At Small Fry Family Childcare we enjoy non-stop fun and learning with our little friends. Reading, arts & crafts, music, dance, puzzles, puppet shows, and free-play make up most of our daily routine. There's never a dull moment at Small Fry!

I offer wholesome lunches & snacks and ensure the kids get plenty of exercise. We love fresh air and will go outside at least once a day if the weather allows it. Outings include visits to nearby playgrounds, feeding ducks at the local pond, and educational nature walks.

We are located in South Surrey, across from the Grandview Corners shopping area at 24th Ave and 161A St (near Walmart and Morgan Crossing). Our smoke-free & pet-free townhome is bright and clean, with a rec room and a good-sized fenced yard. There is a nice playground in our complex, and both Oliver and Sunnyside Park are within walking distance.

Please click here to find out more: About Small Fry

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